How do I get my child into the business?
First of all, make sure your child has a desire to do it. It takes a strong commitment from the child and the parents to be successful. Use our online registration form. Please include any school or community plays your child may have performed in.

Modeling courses are not required to join Minor Details.

Comp Cards are not required.

No Contracts, Just a handshake however you cannot have more than one agency.

Toddlers are not required to come in for an interview, therefore when you apply, his/her height & weight MUST be exact. Registration photos must not have any food on the child's face, no hats or headbands and no nudity. Please keep in mind, that we usually receive over 100 applicants per week and we only accept a very small number of new models, Please don't take it personally if your child is not accepted. It most likely means that we already represent a child who has your child's look.

Once accepted, you may be asked to have a headshot taken with a professional photographer. Children under 3 yrs are asked to supply their own photos. If you have your own photographer, you may provide photos, however the quality must be similar to the photographs on the website.

How do I know if my child has the right look?
There really isn't a right look for this business. Obviously, if you are considering a modeling career, an attractive child is an asset. The catalogues are looking for a child with specific sizing, usually 18 months, size 4, size 6, size 12. For larger print campaigns or television work, the demand for all kinds of different looks is endless.

How much should my child expect to make?
There is no guarantee how much money a child will make. Your expectations in this business should be that your child would gain self-confidence and have a great time. Most catalogue clients pay $50 to $75 per hour. For larger print jobs the rate goes as high as $100 per hour, plus a usage fee if the image is used for a billboard, packaging or poster. For television commercials, the majority are billed through the ACTRA union. Depending on whether or not it is a regional, Canadian National or US National commercial, the rates can be anywhere from $1000-$20,000 depending on how long the commercial airs for. Non-union commercials usually pay between $500-$2000.


How is Toddler Modeling Different?
Every time we book a child under 3yrs of age for a modeling job, we book 2 children for the exact same job @ the exact same time.

The client will choose who is the main baby and who will be back up. Sometimes, it is first come, first served, or perhaps when you child arrives for the shoot he/she is fussy, sleeping or crying.

If your child is not photographed, he/she will be paid half rate.

How do I apply to the "Special Needs" Division?
You can fill out an application from the website. Please attach a photo and then under notes, write what your child's disability is. There are no registration fees for the Special Needs Division.

How much money should I plan to invest in my child's Career?
At Minor Details, a Web Site fee of $150.00 (plus HST) is charged. That breaks down to $12.50 per month. Children under 3yrs old are $100.00 (plus HST). That breaks down to $8.33 per month. The 2nd year is $50 and $25 for children under 3yrs.

How can I improve my child's chances of getting a booking?
You must keep your child's stats updated. Place your mouse over your child's image, it will show you when he/she was last updated. Anyone who hasn't been updated within 3 months will NOT receive any bookings or auditions. The more you update your child, the more he/she will work.

How does my child get a paid booking?
There are 3 different ways to get a catalogue booking. The stylist chooses who they want to book and they call the agency to make arrangements, or the stylist will call the agency and ask an agent who we recommend, or perhaps your child was there before and the client liked them, so they specifically asked for him/her to shoot again. You are told when and where to go and what to take. The agency bills the client after the shoot, and then when the agency gets paid, a cheque is mailed to you, less 20% commission. As far as television commercials go, Minor Details subscribes to a service called a "breakdown service". Everyday we receive breakdowns describing in detail what jobs are being auditioned. If the agency feels that your child has the right look for a particular job your child will be submitted. The casting director calls the agency with a list of talent that they wish to see. Your child will be expected to audition before the job. Again, prior to the audition, we will tell you and your child exactly where to go, what to say and what to expect. Usually, they have call-backs where they have narrowed the selection down to a small number of kids.

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